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Meet The Band


For over a decade now, Mullett has proven themselves time and time again to be THE Premier Rockers for Hair Band fanatics and lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll all over the world.  By delivering the best of the 1980’s in Big Hair and faithful renditions, Mullett recreates the vibe of those times with unrivaled passion and conviction.  From corporate functions and private parties to college campuses, theaters, nightclubs and casinos, Mullett has the unique ability to ROCK and captivate their audience with the sights and sounds of the Glam Band era.  Mullett fans agree; this is the closest anyone can get to classic Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey and Poison without hitting 88 mph in a tricked-out DeLorean.  Catch Mullett at a venue near you and let the 80’s live forever!

Dan Halen - Guitars/Keys

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"From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be on stage rocking big stadiums and ripping on my guitar. Eddie Van Halen inspired me to play guitar and Ace Frehley showed me how to entertain the crowd. Sometimes people say that I'm too serious….yeah fuck them! Unless they mean “yo…that dude’s a serious kick ass guitar player” or “wow, Dan is seriously very good looking” then I guess that’s pretty cool. Ok, maybe I am a little serious but that’s only because someone has to have their shit together touring with Teddy, Jef and Sebastian. I'm practically their sponsor and therapist, not to mention if it wasn’t for me we would never make it to the next gig. You're welcome America!!! I love to rock the crowd, that’s my passion!  ROCK ON!"

Teddy Lee - Bass

"I grew up in a small country town in Connecticut and like to keep things slow and simple like my women! After touring for several years, I met Jef Leppard, Ron Jovi and Dan Halen in a club in Vegas in 2009, and instantly hit it off. They asked me to play bass for Mullett, and I have been rocking with these guys ever since.  I love to get on my knees and play to the girls in the front row and I am all about the 3 B’s, booze, bimbos and bass. Pretty much that’s my life….I mean…I guess I could say I like four things that start with B cause I like boobs, maybe five cause I love butts also…holy shit there are so many others like…BJ’s, bars, bedrooms, boats, blondes, bobble head dolls, Brazilians and don’t forget the big Double B, Bob Barker!!! Love that fucking dude, in Happy Gilmore….SWEET!!!!  Teddy Lee….OUT!!!"

Jef Leppard - Drums

"When I was young I learned that if I made a lot of noise and never stopped moving that people would not be able to stop staring at me. I loved the attention, so I made a lot of noise and I have never stopped! When I was eight years old in Miami, FL, I made my first drum kit by using the dining room table chairs as drums and the china as cymbals. When I was twelve years old I started babysitting all the kids in the neighborhood so I could save money for my first drum kit. The babysitting gig did not last long, cause all the kids I was watching starting busting shit in their house and swearing all the time (fuckers)!  So after touring with a bunch of national acts, I met Ron Jovi in Vegas and was asked to join Mullett! I love these guys and now I am the most crazy and loudest m’fer in the band and that’s the way I like it! Fuck yea people…BIG LOVE JEF LEPPARD STYLE!!!!!"

Sebastian Rock - Lead Vocals

"Always the new guy, but loved nonetheless, Sebastian Rock actually came roaring out the womb singing Journey, STYX, and REO Speedwagon, astonishing the nurses, doctors, and his parents!  Sebastian was a top athlete in high school and once scored FIVE touchdowns in one game (ONE more than Al  Bundy)! He was named valedictorian, and upon graduating from both Yale and Harvard, he took a top secret job working for the CIA doing all things classified....things that he still can't talk about!  He soon found that music was his true calling, but after singing for years in bands and touring Europe & America as "Steve Perry" in a popular Journey tribute band, Sebastian left the music scene and moved to the Florida Keys to hunt lionfish.  As fate would have it, Dan Halen was relentlessly searching for a new lead singer, and bumped into Sebastian while crossing the Florida Everglades on a trip from Miami to Marco Island.  Being the only two long hairs in the area, they struck up an immediate conversation and became best friends.  Within seconds of being asked to join Mullett, Sebastian put down his Bowie knife, hung up his tattered loincloth, picked up his microphone, and jumped on the crazy 80's train! "I love to sing and entertain, and I love these guys and all our fans!  Can't wait to see you all on the road.......PEACE!"

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